Individual projects
Each project we undertake with a client is done so with a mutually agreed set of terms and conditions. These ensure that the client knows exactly what to expect and when, when payment stages are due, and the remedies if payments are not received, or the client needs to cancel the project before completion.

We ensure we remain transparent throughout every project, and keep our terms and conditions fair for all parties. A copy of the terms and conditions is sent to the client prior to commencement, for them to sign. Once this is signed, the deposit invoice is raised accordingly, and the project gets underway.

Website & Cloud Software Hosting
Our Servers are monitored 24/7/365 in case of emergencies. We invest heavily in leading robust hosting systems and interruptions are highly unlikely, however We do not guarantee a particular level of uninterrupted service and cannot be held liable for losses in any periods of downtime.

Hosting is payable on a per annum rate and refunds for hosting services agreed are not issued under any circumstances, including but not limited to, in the event that The Client terminates the hosting agreement prior to annual renewal. Clients will be invoiced 30 days prior to their hosting service renewal date. Should payment not be received by the client following our automated reminders, their service will be suspended. We will then contact the client via email for a final time in relation to the renewal and if payment is still not received, we have to assume the service is no longer required, and as such the service will be terminated. This means any data stored in relation to this hosting service will be deleted.

Unless otherwise stated, our website and email hosting services are inclusive of one remote session to set up email on The Client’s desktop or laptop computer, if required. Tablets and mobile phones cannot be accessed via remote sessions, as such standard instructions can be provided for these devices if required. Whilst We will endeavour to assist in the set up of email accounts on all devices at the request of The Client, We are not obliged to provide support for any technical queries or issues in relation to settings and connections on individual devices and in some cases it may be necessary to refer The Client to their device manufacturer or supplier for assistance.

Should any reported hosting issue be attributable to The Client, such as but not limited to, a change or fault in their equipment or internet connection, updates to software or interference by a third party, We are not obliged to provide technical support in relation to issues beyond our control and We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee to investigate or rectify hosting issues arising as a result of this.

Domain Names
High Quality Technology Ltd exclusively registers domain names on behalf of its own clients, and does not operate a reseller program, or register domain names on behalf of third parties.

Domain names are typically renewed for a two year period. Clients are invoiced 60 days prior to their renewal date, to give them time to pay. Should payment not be received during this period, the domain name will not be renewed by High Quality Technology Ltd, and there then fall under the cancellation periods dictated by Nominet for .uk name spaces and the associated governing body for all other non-uk name spaces.

All .uk name space domain names purchased through High Quality Technology Ltd are subject to the Nominet Terms & Conditions which are available at http://www.nominet.org.uk/go/terms. High Quality Technology Ltd are bound by the Nominet registrar agreement which can be found at http://www.nominet.org.uk/become-registrar/registrar-agreement/registrar-agreement-contract


In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the service provided by High Quality Technology Ltd, we request that your complaint is put in writing to management@highqualitytechnology.co.uk, whereby it will be picked up by the Managing Director. You should expect a response within 2 working days, and a resolution within 10 working days.

If you believe there are grounds to complain about a breach of High Quality Technology Ltd registrar agreement with Nominet, you can access their dispute resolution service at http://www.nominet.uk/disputes/complaining-about-registrar/complaints-procedure

Abuse Complaints

If you have received spam, or malicious content from one of our servers, or a domain name we are associated with, please send full details, including the original email to support@highqualitytechnology.co.uk. This will then be investigated and a full response given to you within 10 working days


At HQT, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service, and understand how frustrating it can be when you are awaiting responses. As a result, we endevour to reply to all customer service enquiries within 3 working days. Requests are prioritised based on their urgency, and the impact on your business.

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